Henry Harvin The Top Animation Course Institutes in Delhi.


Are you searching for the best animation courses in your area ? Henry Harvin is one of the best institutes to provide animation course certification to students. Do you want to take your animation career to a more significant level? It is the right option for you to grow your skills by choosing animation course institutes in Delhi. Have you ever felt the need to read animation courses? Indeed, you need all the features to keep you growing in your career life. So, before choosing the animation institute, check out the different features provided by the institute.

Henry Harvin-The Best Animation Course Institutes in Delhi.

Henry Harvin Animation Academy is one of Delhi's leading schools offering Animation Course. It supports the student's professional development in the techno-creative sector and their enrolment in the top media and entertainment industries. The university is one of India's top 100 educational brands. Through ten-in-one advantages, students can master the Henry Harvin animation course. They receive both live and blended sessions for the course. Students have the chance to visit the studios for proper study routinely. Candidates for animation receive instruction from the best professional professors, who share their knowledge and expertise. The course has additional educational advantages.

Learning Benefits of Best Animation Course

  • Students can take new career-related courses from Henry Harvin.
  • A blended, practical learning approach is provided to students or the lessons.
  • The courses are taught by the subject's foremost authorities.
  • Each student has access to the LMS portals to learn whenever they choose.
  • Regular studio visits are available to students as part of the course's practical component.
  • Every student also receives placement assistance.
  • For proper course learning, the institute holds frequent workshops and seminars.
  • Construction of a showreel by top professionals.
  • Students can view the sessions that were recorded.
  • Events for students are planned and executed on time.

Different Animation Courses

Henry Harvin provides many courses under the category of animation. Students can choose the course according to their interest in different niches.

1. 3D Animation Pro

All movie, video game, and advertising issues are covered with 3D Animation Pro. It includes the foundations of 3D animation. The two-term modules, which cover a variety of subjects like the foundations of animation, digital sculpting, texturing and shading, showreel development, and more, must be covered by the students. The 3D Animation course lasts for a total of 18 months. The distribution schedule typically lasts two hours every day.

2. 3D Asset Development

Aspects of movies, advertisements, and video games are also included in 3D asset development. The topics, including the crucial topics, are presented in one module. Maya Interface and Navigation, Curve, and other significant subjects are discussed. Many other significant areas, including surface tools, polygon modelling, asset, and prop modelling levels. The typical length of a 3D Asset Development course is nine months. Three days a week of two-hour classes are advantageous for students.

3. Animation Pre-Production Design

This course best suits students who enjoy drawing and hope to become pre-production artists. Although drawing concepts are covered throughout the class, our primary focus will be honing your pre-visualization abilities. Throughout the course, you'll learn how to conceptualise and design various elements, such as characters, stances, expressions, backdrops, and layouts. Additionally, you will discover how to write storyboards and animatics for movies and advertisements. The pre-production design course for animation lasts nine months.

4. 2D Animation Pro

This lesson emphasises the fundamental 12 animation principles. After the course, students can learn how to create a 2D digital animation showreel. The pupils learn various software over the training. The 2D Animation Pro course take 18 months to complete.

Other Courses Offered

  • Graduation courses
  • VFX Course
  • Multimedia
  • Gaming

Benefits of Animation Courses

If you are choosing an animation course, then you must know what the benefits associated with it.

  • Numerous career possibilities
  • In numerous critical economic areas, animators constitute a vital component of the hiring pool. Their requirements are present everywhere. The notion that animators are only needed in media and entertainment is no longer valid. They all require animation expertise, from the IT and information industries to private persons and digital marketing organizations. Every day, animated content is necessary for curation on e-commerce and e-learning websites.

  • Develop your self-expression skills.
  • Any professional craft you master will equip you to deal with all the issues that come with it. The situation is the same on this subject. Using the tools becomes easier after professional training. Your art will represent your yearning for self-expression. People are prepared for careers by obtaining training from top teachers and learning in a classroom atmosphere. They know the required skills to overcome the challenges that come with it.

  • Creative Leadership
  • Adults frequently gripe about the limitations that a job could entail. But with this one, that won't happen. As one studies animation, one understands that the animator has sole creative control. You get to exercise your brain and understand every goals. One can produce anything their mind permits and earn money doing it. Consider some of the most excellent animators in history; they were all the result of some creative problem-solving. Does someone have provided instructions for creating the minions? They are one of the most adorable characters ever.

  • Freelancing is a practical choice.
  • You might consider what makes freelancing so unique. However, the reality is that there is a sizable demand for freelance work with this animation content. If freelancing suits you, this won't be a desperate measure but a wise choice. You can work on short-term projects for YouTubers, media outlets, production businesses, etc.

  • Obtaining important information spectrum
  • As we already indicated, enrolling in a course results in a degree with a lot of weight. But in addition to that, you also get to learn a great deal about the industry's knowledge base. You will only be able to discover many priceless ideas from this place. You wouldn't be able to get the same thing somewhere else.

Skills Required For Animation Course

Before starting the Animation certification course, you must know the required skills. Some of the skills required are:

  • 1. Animation course is one of the best course for the creative people. If you love doing creative things, it is one of your best options.
  • 2. You must be passionate enough about the animation field.
  • 3. Imagination is one of the key points in the Animation field. For example, you may be asked to draw and sketch, so the candidate should have imagination power.
  • 4. He must be able to express or present the character appropriately.
  • 5. Consistency must be present to do perfectly in the manner.
  • 6. Teamwork and communication are also essential parts of the animation team. There may be a perfect picture after the co-ordination of the team.
  • 7. Animation is one of the most demandable, with skills like creativity in creating visually appealing images.

Job Opportunities from the Animation Course

Job Opportunities are growing at a higher rate for animation as compared to another sectors. Because of the overuse of special effects, animation has surpassed the cinema, television, and advertising industries. Full-length animated films are highly sought after. With up to 500 animators needed for one animated feature, there are a lot of job prospects. One of the practical, lucrative, and challenging employment possibilities that benefit both the entertainment and education (e-learning) sectors is animation.


Did you choose the Best Animation Course Institutes in Delhi? is much easier to enrol for the course. Instead, focusing on good ones with dedication and consistent studies can enhance one's career life. Henry Harvin creates an excellent option if you are willing to join the best Animation courses. Have you recognised the benefits received by the institution? So, what are your following plans towards enrollment? You can quickly get the information through counselling time. Animation Course Certification can build your future and take you to greater heights.


The typical annual salary for animators in India is about INR 3,61,068. Animators frequently receive a salary on top of this base income, typically averaging approximately 76,068 and ranging from 26,930 to 4,01,495 dollars.

A popular career choice with many work opportunities is animation. An animator produces computer graphics and visual effects for advertisements, television programmes, movies, video games, publications, and mobile applications in 2D, 3D, or stop-motion.

Any stream (Science, Commerce, or Humanities) candidate may choose to enrol in animation courses. Candidates for the BCA (Multimedia & Animation) programme must have Mathematics and Computer Science as their two required class 12 courses. The certification course doesn't demand any particular degree from the candidate.

Although 3D animation does not involve sketching or coding, it demands high talent and training. To give the appearance of movement, 3D animators employ computer software. To get the desired effect, three-dimensional models of things and people are created and modified.

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