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When "Pauvre Pierrot" premiered in 1892, it was the first animated film ever seen. 3D VFX Pro Course is one of the increasingly valuable skills in the industry, where novelty and intrigue are key. With the development of new technologies, the need for talented animators has spread beyond entertainment. To stand out in today's competitive market, animators should use the many applications animation has found in fields as diverse as advertising, education, healthcare, and gaming. Since the turn of the century,3D VFX course and training have expanded tremendously. The Indian animation industry has come a long way since the days of the Banyan Deer film and the Amul commercial, ZooZoo, Chota Bheem, Bahubali, Bal Ganesh, Mahabharata, and Teddy. It&'s a sector of the economy expanding rapidly in the United States and elsewhere. The media and entertainment industries cannot imagine life without animation.

Where Does 3D VFX Stand Right Now?

Do you know that India has great potential for the animation industry? The need for skilled animators is growing. Besides, the animators also receive competitive pay. As a result, there are a lot of chances to rise in your career as an animator.

Animators with good experience can launch their studios. As a freelance digital artist, you can charge a lucrative amount from your client. You can also work in advertising, video game design, and media in different advertising agencies. However, you need to establish a substantial portfolio to secure consistent reference. If you want to learn the updated tools and techniques in 3D VFX Pro, enroll in the best schools for a 3D VFX course and training. These schools encourage aspirants to enroll by promising them guaranteed jobs and internships. They also provide the best lab and studio to learn the 3D VFX Pro.

As a result, you will learn all the skill sets needed to become an expert animator. There is a lack of animators in the Indian market; companies have many vacancies for this role.

Best Institute to Take 3D VFX Course and Training.

Henry Harvin Animation Academy is a renowned institution offering 3D VFX Pro courses. To excel in the exciting animation profession, the school provides its students with the necessary knowledge and training. We design the courses to give students the technologically inventive skills they'll need to get work in the media and entertainment industries. The Henry Harvin Animation Academy provides courses for students of various experience levels.

Animation courses available are -
  • T3D VFX (C3V) Course
  • Foundation VFX (CFVFX) Course
  • Animation VFX Pro (CAVFXP) Course
  • Professional Certification in VFX (PCVFX) Course
  • Web Designing Course
  • International Certification in VFX (ICVFX)
  • VFX Film Making (VFXFM) Course
  • Unity 3D Animation Course (CB3A)

Henry Harvin's 3D VFX Pro Course: Why You Should Take It

  • Get an interactive classroom session with highly experienced and friendly mentors
  • Learn all the tools and techniques for 3D VFX course and training as per the industry requirements
  • Explore practical learning through collaborative projects, case studies, internships, and assignments.
  • Lectures delivered by expert faculties with studio experience
  • Receive 24x7 access to Plexus, a unique learning platform (LMS) for candidates to monitor their learning progress
  • Free access to webinars and seminars hosted by experts from top Indian and international studios.
  • Arrange regional and national level boot camps and hackathons for our students.
  • Access to recorded sessions of industry mentors, videos, question banks, and many more.

Eligibility Criteria.

The following are some of the most crucial requirements you should meet before applying to 3D VFX Pro courses.

  • Required Diploma/Bachelor's Programmes
  • 10+2 from an accredited institution with a minimum of 50%
  • Master's Programme in a relevant field with a 3.0 GPA or Higher.
  • Passing scores in standardized language tests (TOEFL, IELTS, etc.)
  • LOR and SOP

Job Description of an Animation Designer

The work of a 3D Animator depends on the company and job role they are in. Generally, they do-

  • They are responsible for three critical steps in giving objects motion and life-modeling, layout, animation, and rendering.
  • As the lone person in charge of the animation, the animator can experiment with new techniques and even create live-action videos.
  • They are responsible for providing regular progress reports to clients and superiors.
  • They are the artists and programmers who bring moving pictures to life in virtual space.

Career After Completing 3D VFX Course

In recent years, the usage of animation and VFX has spread worldwide. Because of the insatiable hunger for cartoons, you can feel the rapid growth of the visual effects industry.

A 3D VFX Pro course provides excellent and lucrative career chances in India. If you have an aptitude for art and drawing, you will learn a lot and enjoy working on this project. Despite the abundance of visual effects-making software and hardware, your company's success will hinge more on your artistic skill and creativity than your technical savvy. Aspiring candidates are preparing for this field since this is one of the fastest-growing industries.

Career Scope After 3D VFX Pro courses

This course focuses on the basic 12 animation principles. Students can learn to make a 2D digital animation showreel at the end of the course. The course teaches the different software to the students. The approximate duration of the 2D Animation Pro course is eighteen months.


The animators are the ones that bring the scenes from the stories to life. It's the highest- paid job available. As an animator, you may look forward to lucrative pay and promising career prospects. Some of the most frequent animation careers include 2D animator, 3D animator, and keyframe animator. You can work as a freelancer on short-term assignments or get a steady job at an animation studio or production company.


It is a post-production stage where compositors are responsible for assembling shots created by the designers. Similarly, several takes of the same shot are layered on top of one other and blended into a single scene. To successfully execute the rotoscoping and matte production tasks, a compositor must have a solid grasp of the subject matter. These are the two pillars upon which compositing rests.


Artists conceptualizing animation elements supply multiple loops of each part. The art director is usually the one they report to. These iterations serve as building blocks for the subsequent creations of other artists. One example would be if they drew the same character or landscape in several distinct styles.


Visual communication is at the heart of what designers do. They are responsible for developing the brand's visual identity, including logos and typefaces. Therefore, an illustrator needs to have excellent skills in these areas. There are more job openings for this position than any of the others.

3D Sculptor

The modeler measures everything in one go to get an accurate physical size. They build the setting, the props, the surfaces, and the characters along the three pillars. It is the most time-consuming process involved in creating an animation. Opportunities in game creation are more significant than in most other fields.

Storyboards Creators

Storyboarding entails the placement of the entire script into a series of thumbnail sketches that indicate where various elements are. It also prevents a sequence from being animated when it is optional. A storyboard artist is the ideal person for this task.

Layout Designer

Artists like these often work from templates provided by graphic designers. They tweak to deliver the best possible plan. Character location, camera orientation, and keyframe animation are all choices they make. These are the building blocks of cinematography, the art of making movies.

Salary of an Animator

Globally renowned production companies are outsourcing to animation designers. Because of this, employment opportunities for animators have expanded across many industries. The demand for animators exceeds the supply currently on the market. If you have negotiation skills, you can get a good deal.

Salary levels in the public and private sectors are distinct. Junior animators can expect a monthly remuneration of Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000, with potential growth to Rs 40,000 to Rs 50,000. Freelancers and veterans in their field might ask for even more money for their services.

Finale Takeaway

Prospects for animators are excellent in the world. Henry Harvin will be the best fit if you want to excel in the cutting-edge 3D Animation Pro. Demand in the industry for animators demonstrates the viability of pursuing this career path with a focus on creativity, originality, and technical proficiency.


3D VFX course and training will help you to learn how to make your character walk, smile, and dance from a drawing. After completing this course, you can be a Graphic artist, storyboard and concept artist, digital artist, cartoonist, animator, and character designer.

This is a good profession. Visual effects are an expanding and promising artistic niche. It's difficult, but the work is satisfying because you can show creativity. Moreover, you will get a good salary working as a cartoonist.

The average yearly salary for a VFX Artist in India is 3.5 Lakhs, ranging from 0.5 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs.

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