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Yes. Vocation. Have you ever thought about a vocational course/training after completing your schooling? In India, it is not uncommon for many of us to aim directly for a “conventional” course of education rather than trying to hone our skills by considering vocational training or a degree. However, as our Prime Minister sets his sights on Skill(ed) India, there is no better time to highlight the importance of vocational training.

Not only do old habits die hard, but so do old perceptions. For too long, professional courses have had a stigma. Primarily because vocational training was limited to fields such as plumbing, auto repair, etc. (which is undesirable work, even today!). However, with a change in perceptions (slowly but surely), vocational course programs now focus on retail management, IT services, beauty, and health, etc., thereby projecting a higher likelihood of employability.

What is a Vocational Course/Training ?

Simply put, a vocational course equips a person with the exact skills needed in the workplace rather than the knowledge that gets excellent scores on the mark sheet (without the skills needed). It imparts expertise and training in a particular field, then one gets better job opportunities than others. Even on the employer's side, skill training is beneficial for them as they prefer to hire people with the necessary skills and practical experience, thereby saving time and resources spent on training and development of new employees.

A vocational course is an instructional discipline that allows candidates to acquire skills relevant to a particular job, occupation, or trade. Vocational training is structured around specific functional abilities aimed at a particular occupation. Many occupations/services require specific knowledge and vocational courses offer exceptional merit for such roles, which is an added advantage. All said and done, we come to the purpose of this blog. Henry Harvin Animation's B.Voc in Digital Media and Animation in Delhi. We will also answer why is it beneficial to choose the best for your “vocation”.

● Henry Harvin Education

Although it has only been in operation for 10 years, Henry Harvin Education has created a place for itself in the educational technology genre. Having 800 courses divided into 27 course categories is no small feat. And it continues to expand its repertoire! Not only the courses but throughout the years, Henry Harvin has also won many awards to his name.

From Henry Harvin Education comes Henry Harvin Animation Academy, an Indo- American education brand offering new-age career courses in animation, visual effects, multimedia, and gaming. This is set up to develop students' creative careers by equipping them with creative technology skills and helping them prepare for employment in the media and entertainment industry.

● Om Sterling Global University

Located in the historical district and one of the most vibrant urban centers of Hisar in Haryana, Om Sterling Global University is known for its professional work culture and discipline for quality education. The campus and hostels are modern and technologically updated, this university is another world in itself. Established in 2019 as the city's first private university, Om Sterling Global University offers a variety of programs in fields such as engineering and technology, commerce and management, arts, life sciences, professional research, etc.

● Collège de Paris

Since its founding in 2011, Collège de Paris's mission has been to ensure excellence in higher education accessible through its network of schools. Thanks to international partnerships, Collège de Paris has concluded agreements with many institutions offering students double degrees, international exchanges or stays, and promotions.

From hospitality to management, from data science to fashion design, Collège de Paris offers a variety of programs for the all-round development of candidates. Henry Harvin Education is one of the institute's proud international partners, achieving collaboration between education and culture for the benefit of many students who wish to succeed in their careers.

B.Voc. in Digital Media and Animation

All three institutions join hands to bring to you a Bachelor's Dgree B-Voc in Digital Media and Animation in Delhi.

A completely UGC-recognized 3-year classroom degree course that covers areas of Design, Web, Multimedia, and animation. What you receive from the course is an in- depth understanding of the tools and techniques that are used in Graphics, Web Design and development, E-learning, Multimedia Design, and animation.

While the theoretical aspect of the curriculum develops the conceptual understanding and principles of Design, Multimedia, and Animation, the practicals & projects in each semester ensure hands-on learning of artistic and technical skills.

Without any further delay, let us chalk out the core features of the B. Voc. in Digital Media and Animation.

Core Features of the Henry Harvin Animation's B.Voc in Digital Media and Animation in Delhi
  • Government-recognized course with affiliations to Om Sterling Global University and College de Paris.
  • A relevant and in-demand vocational course in Delhi with global job opportunities growing at 20% each year.
  • Reasonable fee payment procedures with available loan facilities.
  • Job placement assistance through campus recruitment, career fairs, and more.
  • Earn a respectable starting salary of INR 2-Rs 3.6 Lakh/year with job opportunities in the Media/Film/TV/Games industry.
  • Earn While You Study - Various freelance and internship opportunities while studying the course.
  • Win a scholarship for a French course and an English course from Henry Harvin Education.

Why Henry Harvin Animation?

This is an obvious question that many of you might have while scanning the details of this course. So let us list down the reasons why planning your 'Vocation' with Henry Harvin Animation is the best reward you can give your career:

  • Henry Harvin is among the top 100 educational brands in India and in the top 500 in the world (in just the 10th year of its operations! A commendable feat!)
  • Henry Harvin Animation Academy prides itself on an excellent alumni network of more than one million people in more than 97 countries.
  • Not to mention, over 60 affiliates and certifications in the US, UK, UAE, and India, alongside over 400 media recognitions and over 900 corporate clients.
  • Moreover, it offers new-age career courses in animation, VFX, multimedia, and gaming designed according to industry and studio requirements.
  • Blended, hands-on learning method through collaborative projects and exercises.
  • Professional mentors with experience in the studio as well as portfolio development under expert guidance.
  • Get 24/7 access to Plexus – a unique learning platform (LMS) that helps students track their progress.
  • Regular studio visits for course participants, along with periodic seminars, workshops, and online sessions by experts from renowned Indian and international studios.
  • 100% placement support.
  • Regional and national competitions and events for students to participate and showcase their talents.
  • Key learning sessions and access to recorded learning sessions from industry mentors.
  • And most importantly, a 100% scholarship for French and English courses from Henry Harvin Education.


So what do you think about this tailor-made “Vocation” plan? We think this has really given you some food for thought.

With Skill India and various government skill development programs, vocational courses in Delhi and other states are bound to pick up pace. Organizations are delighted to reduce training costs and recruit job-ready candidates with skills directly related to their job profile. Their subtle mention of “being able to work independently with minimal guidance” when wanting to hire professionals illustrates the need for highly skilled manpower in the country.

Professional courses are useful on a professional as well as personal level. For example, vocational courses build students' confidence because they are well-prepared and trained (even if their scores are unsatisfactory) and qualified for specific jobs. It also increases job satisfaction and leads to high productivity.

B.Voc in Digital Media and Animation from Henry Harvin Animation Academy in Delhi is for you if you want to start your career in the media industry. Let your “Vocation” start hereon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: B.Voc. in Digital Media and Animation is a classroom training course, specifically aimed at practical training and exposure for students.

A: Currently, B.Voc. in Digital Media and Animation is open for candidates in and around Delhi.

Ans: B.Voc. in Digital Media and Animation in Delhi by Henry Harvin Animation is a 3-year comprehensive course recognized by UGC. The course comes with a 100% scholarship for the International Certificate in 3D Visual Effects from Collège de Paris, France, a French course, and an English course from Henry Harvin, creating many job opportunities for the aspirant post the completion of the course. In addition, you will gain comprehensive exposure to studio requirements, participate in local, regional, and national competitions, and have a portfolio of work developed under the guidance of experts.

Ans: Visit Henry Harvin and fill out the student inquiry form. You will be connected to a representative from Henry Harvin Animation.

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