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In today's digital world, every industry, whether it's the entertainment industry or education, needs an animated and visually appealing presence on different platforms to promote itself. This leads to a high demand for animators proficient in 2D Animation Technology. Due to its storytelling capabilities, timeless charm, cost-effectiveness, and visual appearance, 2D animation pro technology has created its place in the animation world. The 2D Animation course can help you gain all these skills and knowledge and make you an asset for your company.

You will find multiple options to learn 2D animation pros, but Henry Harvin is one of the best and most renowned platforms for 2D animation courses. This blog will provide you with all the information regarding the 2D Animation Course, such as why to learn 2D animation Pro, eligibility, syllabus, job scope, and how this course will enhance your visual narrative.

What is 2D Animation Pro ?

2D Animation Pro is a structured program to learn the basics and advance concepts related to the art and techniques of 2D animation technology. This 2D animation course will enhance your creativity and imaginary skills. You will gain mastery in creating 2D animations, such as character design, storyboarding, various principles, and post-production skills. Henry Harvin's 2D animation course will help you prepare for the industry.

Henry Harvin 2D Animation Pro Course

Before we go into the course details, let's understand the background of Henry Harvin.

Henry Harvin’s Background

Henry Harvin started in 2013 as an ed-tech company offering more than 800 courses in different fields of education. Animation Academy Henry Harvin offers all new-age courses, including 2D Animation Pro, and is an Indo-American education brand. Henry Harvin has 60+ national and international affiliations and accreditations from India, UAE, the USA, and the UK. It's a government-approved educational institute with 400+ media recognitions and 90+ corporate clientele. More than 1 million students across 97+ counties have enrolled themselves in different courses and reaped the benefits of the job- and technology-oriented courses of Henry Harvin.It is one of the best institutes for 2D Animation Pro. Let's see what the details of the 2D animation course are.

2D Animation Pro Course Duration and Course Fees

2D Animation Pro is an 18-month course including 432 horse classes. The batches will of 2 hours over 3 days every week. This gives you the flexibility to complete the 2D animation course. You can connect with Henry Harvin's team to learn about the course fees.

Details of the 2D Animation Pro

  • Mode of the classes- Offline classes
  • First, this 2D Animation course has an AVGC Industry-recognized curriculum
  • Secondly, Henry Harvin offers the facility of education loans.
  • Henry Harvin delivers the 2D animation pro with a blended and practical learning approach. You will be working on different projects and assignments during the 2D animation course.
  • Trainers for the 2D animation pro are the experienced and expert faculties of the industry. Learn directly from those who have studio experience.
  • All students will get access to Plexus (LMS) 24*7. You can keep track of your course and learn through this LMS.
  • Also, get access to all recorded sessions of 2D Animation Pro
  • Appear in regional, zonal, and national-level competitions. This will give you an experience of the real world and its peers.
  • Attend regular online sessions, workshops, and seminars delivered by the experts of top Indian and international studios.
  • Henry Harvin gives 100% assistance in placements
  • Get a real-world experience by creating a 2D digital animation showreel by the end of the course.

Syllabus of the 2D Animation Pro

Moreover, the whole 2D animation course has been divided into two terms. It has a well-curated syllabus with the help of the domain experts of Henry Harvin. This course is updated and developed by keeping all the latest technology norms in mind so that learners can have a strong grip on every concept and skill. It includes modules such as

Term 1 Syllabus of 2D Animation Pro
  • 2D Animation Introduction and Overview
  • Bouncing Ball Animation Exercise
  • Adding a Tail to the Bouncing Ball
  • Drawing Fundamentals
  • Flour Sack Animation 01, 02, and 03
  • Animating a Walk 01, 02, and 03
  • Animating a Simple Character Take
Term 2 Syllabus of the 2D Animation Pro
  • Introduction to Drawing the Human Figure
  • Drawing the Quadruped Figure
  • Quadruped Walk: Rough Animation 01 and 02
  • Biped Run in Perspective 01 and 02
  • Acting for Animators
  • Creating a Pantomime Situation 01 and 02
  • Study and Analysis of Animation Greats
  • Short Character Monolog 01 and 02

Furthermore, this course will help you learn tools like Photoshop, Animate, Toon Boom Harmony and Premiere Pro.

Eligibility and the prerequisite for the 2D Animation course

If we talk about the education eligibility criteria for a 2D Animation course, there are not very strict criteria for admission. Anyone from any educational background can pursue this course. Having a passing certificate of high school or the equivalent is the minimum requirement. However, having a few basic skills or knowledge as mentioned below can be beneficial for the student.

  • Having basic computer knowledge is a must for 2D Animation Pro.
  • If you have some experience or knowledge in art, creativity will help you during the course. However, it's not a mandatory skill to have. You can learn also as you proceed with the cours
  • The course delivery would be in English, so if you have a basic understanding of the English language it would be better to understand the 2D animation course
  • Basic knowledge of how to work on software is also a beneficial point. Surely it is not a mandatory prerequisite but will help you in learning if you have some prior knowledge.

Why one should do a 2D Animation Course ?

Surely there would be this question in your mind “Why go for a proper course if I can from from free resources available on the internet”? Learning 2D Animation technology with the help of a recognised institute has multiple benefits.

  • Certification- After completing the 2D Animation Pro from Henry Harvin, you will become a Certified Animation Professional.This will add credibility to your resume and LinkedIn profile.
  • Better job scope- As you become a part of Henry Harvin’s Animation Academy, you will get access to interact with their Alumni. This will help you to network with other professionals in the same industry and finally, you can open the doors to many opportunities.
  • Clear doubts- Free tutorials or courses don't provide you with a mentor. Here with Animation Academy Henry Harvin, you will get proper mentorship and you can clear all your doubts directly from the faculty.
  • Internship- Henry Harvin offers a guaranteed internship to all students, which will give you real-world experience in 2D animation.
  • Gain expertise- if you want to excel in this technology then you should be an expert with confidence and a strong grip on all the concepts. This 2D Animation pro will make you an expert with the help of a proper combination of theory and practical work.

What is the scope of the Job after finishing 2D Animation Pro ?

The future scope of the 2D animator is very promising. You will open the doors of unlimited opportunities by doing a 2D animation course from Henry Harvin. You can work in the film industry, Gaming industry, education industry and many more. The most popular profiles where you can work after this 2D animation pro are

  • 2D Animator
  • 2D Animation Artist
  • Toon Boom Artist
  • 2D Game Animator
  • 2D Character Animator
  • Storyboard Artist


The last bottom line is Henry Harvin’s 2D Animation Pro is a must-do course if you want to enter into the field of animation and enhance your visual narrative. It's a journey of learning how to work on animation for storytelling. Industries like marketing and advertising, TV serials, Films, and Educational institutes need professionals and certified 2D animators to generate relatable and informative content to maximize their reach. You will get jobs with good salaries and better profiles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans- 2D animation is a technology used for creating the illusion of motion by displaying a sequence of hand-drawn or digitally created 2D images in a rapid sequence.

Ans- During the Henry Harvin 2D Animation Pro you will learn software like Photoshop, Animate, Toon Boom Harmony and Premiere Pro.

Ans- This 2D animation course by Henry Harvin will teach you all the skills required for 2D animation, hence it's not mandatory to have prior artist skills. However, it can be beneficial if you have.

Ans- Yes, Henry Harvin offers job placement assistance after the 2D animation course and you can also work as a freelancer.

Ans- Henry Harvin offers globally recognised certificates to all students after they clear their final assessments.

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